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Public Relations & Publicity communication services is offered as programs designed to promote & protect your company's image or individual products. Public Relations is under-used mode of communication, yet a well-thought-out program coordinated with other communication mix can be extremely effective in building your brand equity.



This mode of communication has two distinctive qualities:




          I)  High Credibility : News stories and featured articles are considered more authentic and credible then a paid article.

                                          A positive editorial coverage can be worth five to ten times the advertising equivalency value.


         II) Ability to Reach Advertisement Avoiders : Public Relations communication helps you reach to prospects who prefer

                                          to avoid sales people and advertisement contents.




The idea behind having a public relations communication program is that a company must relate constructively with its publics, where a public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or has an actual or potential impact on a company's ability to achieve its objectives. Including customers, suppliers, dealers, employees, investors etc.



Public Relations program's primary  responsibility is to  monitor the attitudes of your organization's publics and distribute information and communications to build goodwill. This goodwill finally helps in building a favorable brand image for your product/services.




Specialized Public Relations Service Offered by Us : Marketing PR.



Our service goes beyond the task of securing editorial space, our service under Marketing PR plays important role in following tasks:


--> Assisting in launching of new products.

--> Assisting in repositioning a mature product.

--> Building interest in a product catagory.

--> Influencing specific target group.

--> Building corporate image in a way that reflects favorably on its products.

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