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moments & mapping ™  is about building and managing your reputation and impressions. No matter what your products or services are, you have certainly tried to differentiate yourself from others by assigning a name, logo , slogan or some kind of signature  to your product or service.




In order to do business you have further tried to communicate with your potential buyers. By doing so, you have created an impression on them, and inevitably, positioned yourself with respect to other similar products and services. The impression your potential buyers have about your signature can range from the point of ignorance and indifference to respect and admiration.




moments & mapping ™  is about managing that impression through Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Services. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a planning process, designed to assure that all brand contacts received by your customer or prospect are relevant to him/her and consistent over time. This planning process evaluates the strategic roles of every communication discipline that are available ( including general advertising, public relations, events, social media and direct marketing ) – and skillfully combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency and maximum impact through seamless integration of messages.




The need for the service arises from the regular effort it requires to manage an effective marketing communication program. Wide variety of knowledge spheres and skills are needed to be pooled together under one roof, for successfully managing a truly integrated communication plan. We at moments & mapping ™ offer you full range of services you may need for your marketing activities including creative artworks and videos for all kinds of medias, market segmentation, database acquisition and maintenance, to name a few of our services. You can get full list of our services in services section.




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